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“QTFeet, DBus instrospection tool, DFeet clone writed with QT”



  • Nothing


  • Plugin System (all this app are plugin)
  • Show available buses in dbus connections
  • Show available interfaces in bus
  • Show available methods in interface
  • Show available properties in interface
  • Show available signals in interface
  • Show communications events (dbus-monitor)
  • Convert interfaces to code
  • Call methods in interface
  • Get properties in interface (shortcut to call GetProperties)

Some Answers

Why clone D-Feet?

I like D-Feet, is useful to me. I Have nothing to do in my vacation and do something completely new is very hard, then I choose clone something to learn and tests some concepts.

Why QT?

Why not? QT is now GPL, cross platform... This is my first QT attempt, then is something new to learn.

How looks (or will look) architecture?

To be honest I’m trying create something like Eclipse Framework that in the end can used to create aplications for other uses.

  • QT (for UI and some libs like DBus)
  • iPOPO (python implementation of OSGi or something close to this)